Personal Styling


Personal Styling


A new wardrobe can build confidence, no matter what your field of work is. Rather you a corporate woman or a new model/celebrity, let me help you transform. This package is for the woman who needs to revamp her style for the season or needs an image overhaul, I'm your girl. Let me make the new you shine in fresh wardrobe! 

Step 1 - Consultation/Sorting

2 Hour Service - Lets get to know each other. We need to understand what the new you will look like. I will give you a presentation on my plan to rejuvenate your image. 

We then look through your closet and helping you make decision on clothing that should stay or should be donated. We have to make room for your new clothing. 

Step 2 Shopping Trip 

A 3 hour shopping trip catered to your budget and style. No Shopper's remorse. I'll be your personal shopper helping you pick items that will fit perfectly in your new wardrobe  and style. 

Step 3 Styling 

A 2 hour Styling Session after the big shopping trip. This is where I show you how to put your new and old garment together. I will help you accessories and know what works will with your body. We will take photos of each look so that you can have some references! 


Lets start this journey and have some fun! 

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