You can always be surprised by walking the streets of NYC by the colors, the culture, and the people. I find it liberating to know that lessons are as endless at the amount of people fighting to make life in NYC livable. NYC inspires people. It provides the air of ambition. 

My favorite thing about NYC, the color black. Black is everywhere. All year around and nothing is more sleek in a manhattan snow furry than a log black coat with a (faux) fur collar or something of the sort. I love the color black because it is strong. Its bold and it is resilient. I dare you to name anything black that quickly just fades away. Nope! To get rid of black, it takes elbow grease! That is why I wear black so proudly, from the melanin of my skin to the clothing on my body. No matter the season, black is faithfully mine. 

About the Model:

People move to NYC to make dreams happen. Its the same old story that probably 75% of the city has. Many scenarios but the end result, New York. Meet T'ia, a charming southern beauty living in Brooklyn. A beautiful and charismatic attitude which in this city, you can never have to much of. She models as you can see. Her smile, stunning. Her body is a model's dream and her hair.. oh my favorite was the cotton candy pink hair. I'm forever in love with cotton candy pink hair and people who can pull it off effortlessly. 

I met T'ia at a studio by chance. She was going, I was coming in to work. The meeting was brief but like most people in this day and age, there is social media to keep in touch. By chance, she was available to shoot and although we only had about 1 hour and half, we had amazing time. We laughed, shared stories of dreadful events, and we made magic. 

Thank You T'ia. I hope to work with you again!