About Me

Fashion Enthusiast, Elle Marcelle, has finally found her way to NYC. Mississippi Native & sometimes daydream has pushed forward to follow her dreams in fashion. 

For me, moving to New York and following my dream as a fashion stylist felt like a million miles away. I told the world in Sept 2013 that I was done living my dreams on such a small scale. I decided that it was time to put in some real work and finally make something happen for myself. In January 2014, I made my big move and I've been learning and living every since.

I don't consider my fashion career really starting into I move to NYC. Everyday, I'm learning so much about the way the world works and how I can navigate my talent and show the fashion world what I have to offer.

My past experience as a fashion director for Obvious Magazine taught me to always be ready for what's next in life and as I venture out into the learning fields of FIT to improve my skills as a stylist and a image consultant, I know that this is only the beginning.